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Hey You!!!, well, hopefully you've stopped by here in hopes to find a photographer that suits your style as well as service and products. To start off, I'm one of the very few photographers who is taking it to the next level and providing a finished product for my clients... Not just giving a disk and a goodbye... Since we all know there's a major disconnect to actually printing your digital files to making cool things out of them, that's where I do all the legwork, hand holding and designing!!! Let's face it, you're just not going to do it. Your images are going to sit in your phone or computer, forever, until it's lost one day haha... So, my journey is to get people excited about print and the value of print, because I truly believe that pictures are supposed to be on walls, in books, in albums and on other cool stuff... NOT just swiped across a screen. 

Please contact me and let's talk details and pricing :) 562-233-1338 or email me at vaughn@vaughnfelix.com

Senior Fashion Pictures, Portraiture, Quinceanera, Events, Wedding and Engagement photography based in Downey Ca.